Paleo Soap

Behold, the inaugural blog post!

[Wash of the Day] started with one clear vision: paleo soap. It sounds simple enough, right? Not so much. The conversation that began Wash of the Day between Erica, Founding Momma, and Alicia, CrossFit-Loving-Daughter, went a little something like this:

Erica: “Alicia, what would you like for Christmas?”

Alicia: “I’d really love a soap that’s Paleo.”

Erica: “Paleo soap, huh? Where is this coming from? I’ll see what I can find.”

Alicia: “I’m in the middle of Whole30, so I’m reading every label on my food. I was taking a shower, started reading the labels on my soap, and saw some very questionable ingredients in my soap. I want non-complicated soap that I can believe in.”

Erica: “I don’t think something like that exists, honey.”

Alicia: “Well if it doesn’t exist, it should. I’ve been focusing on making sure everything going into my body is clean, but haven’t given a second to making sure what goes on the outside of my body is clean!”

Erica: “Yeah, you expect your soap to be clean, right? Never thought of it like that.”

Alicia: “Let’s do it. Let’s make Paleo soap happen.”

With her beautician brain and my love of showering, branding, and all things clean, we made it exist. What did “clean soap” even look like? Even at that point, I don’t know that we fully comprehended the feat we were about to embark upon (yeah, soap learnin’ is quite the journey), but it developed from an idea into something we were completely passionate about and couldn’t live without doing for not only ourselves, but the entire community of showering folks who might want to join in with us.

We’re young and we’re fresh, recently launched with five varieties of of our first product line – Clean::theBar bar soaps.
Paleo Soap

Clean::theBar Paleo Soap |

What makes [Wash of the Day] different?

We don’t make soap for the sake of making soap.

Here’s our spiel below (Bonus: we’ve conveniently also placed it on our website’s FAQ page).

We don’t use palm oil in our soaps. Ever. What’s so wrong with palm oil, you ask? The palm oil industry is the cause for devastating deforestation in Indonesia and Malaysia. We kind of like the idea of orangutans living, people keeping their homes, and tropical rainforests, so we don’t use palm oil in our soaps.

We don’t use stuff like triclosan, phthalates, parabens; we don’t make “beauty bars” or “cosmetic cleansers” that make a bunch of claims and shove a bunch of different ingredients into a single bar. We make soap. We don’t claim that you’ll look younger, feel better, or be able to run a marathon with a single pass of Clean::theBar across your face and legs. We can claim, though, that we feel awesome using [Wash of the Day] soap. We hope you do, too.

Technically, additives are just things added, so maybe we kind of do. What we’re trying to get at is this: we don’t put nasty toxins or detergents in our soap. It seems like common sense, but the truth is many soaps out there do this and it’s just not our thing. If you have to Google an ingredient to know what it means, you probably don’t want that in your soap; we don’t want that either.

What you see is what you get! Our Clean::theBar soap bars are au naturale. The color of each bar is just the natural, naked color of the soap after it’s been made. No colors or dyes are added to alter the appearance of our soaps.

Do we really need to explain? We’re keeping things ACAP: As Clean As Possible.

All Clean::theBar soaps are made with organic, sustainable ingredients.

Some of our soaps are vegan-friendly! All ingredients are listed by each bar of soap; we’ve got nothing to hide.

We don’t use animal fats in our soaps. We do use goat’s milk. You’ll be happy to know our goats are just too precious and are treated with lots of love and care. Oh, we also occasionally use musk. For the record, we’re not against using things like tallow in soap; we just don’t do it.

Our soap doesn’t talk or have emotions, but if it did, it would love you (and tell you, too). With it’s pureness of composition and organic spirit, it’s no wonder it lathers up with bubbly joy at the thought of you and fulfilling your soap needs.

If you’re curious to learn more about [Wash of the Day], feel free to check out our website or email me directly at alicia(at)washoftheday(dot)com.

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